French lessons: Hosiery terms

French lessons: Hosiery terms

French is the lingua franca for the lingerie world. That’s why we at VienneMilano have decided to show you a few hosiery terms in French. Let’s start with the basics. The word for stockings in French is collant.

Fashion infographic terms

Bas autofixants: Thigh highs, or rather stockings that stay up by themselves (hold-ups).

Bas jarretières: stockings for garter belts.

Collants avec couture (apparente): Back-seam stockings.

Collants opaques: Opaque stockings.

Collants voiles: Sheer stockings.

Collants résilles: Fishnet stockings.

Denier: Unit of measure for hosiery.

Jarretières: Garters.

Porte-jarretelles: Garter belts.

Be sure to check out our infographic for Italian hosiery term and blog post on French lingerie terms. Know of other hosiery terms in French? Leave us a comment below.

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