Introducing VienneMilano's Hosiery Glossary

Introducing VienneMilano's Hosiery Glossary

Here at VienneMilano, we are passionate about all of the things related to stockings. Which is why we are dedicated to creating fabulous content to help you learn more about the world of luxury hosiery. This week, we are happy to launch our brand new Hosiery Glossary. Get to know the A to Z of fashion vocabulary, particularly terms that are relevant to thigh highs. For example: What's the difference between sheen and sheer? What exactly is a denier?

What makes our Hosiery Glossary unique? Well of course, ours is oh-so fabulous! Whether you are a fashionista who wants to learn more about fashion, or a student working on a paper, our handy glossary is a good place to start.

Did we miss a fashion term? Let us know. We will be updating this glossary every so often, so feel free to email us at, with suggestions. You can also check out our "What Are Thigh Highs?" page to learn more.

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