What Are the Differences Between Our Three Collections of Hosiery?

What Are the Differences Between Our Three Collections of Hosiery?

"Dear VienneMilano,

I recently started shopping on your website and can’t help noticing that you have several collections. What is the difference between your Permanent, Signature and Vintage Collection?"

- Robin D.

At VienneMilano, we believe that legs are a canvas for creative expression, and thigh highs allow you to use it. Therefore, we try to present our customers with a large palette of colors and texture whilst maintaining quality.
While it may be easy to launch new products, we imagine that presenting our latest and greatest styles in a simple manner may help customers find their favorite designs on our website. This is why our luxury hosiery are divided into three groups:

Permanent Collection

VienneMilano Permanent Collection Luxury Hosiery

Consisting of 6 of our best sellers:
ISABELLA can be worn during the winter with a long coat and scarf, or with a sophisticated summer outfit due to its sheer breathability of only 15 denier.  ISABELLA’s versatility and wide range of colors (suitable for all skin tones) makes it a vital product in the Permanent Collection, as will continuously be available to customers.

ISABELLA stockings are sheer, which makes them available to be worn during the daytime or evening. Being only 15 denier, ISABELLA is light, which makes it a great accessory to any outfit for work or parties, and holds itself a spot in our Permanent Collection. Black is a staple, so add a flare of sheer stockings under your skirt or dress for the office or a night out!

3. CLAUDIA Black
While CLAUDIA is thicker than ISABELLA being 50 denier, it still holds as a staple for hosiery. This smooth-feeling product can be paired with any day time or night time event, while also allowing room for a night out or day in the office outfit. CLAUDIA's flexibility and possibility to be paired with anything allows it to be a loved product by VienneMilano customers and will stay in the Permanent Collection.

4. ANDREA Black
Moving up into an even thicker pair of hosiery, ANDREA is 75 denier and is comfortable and made for any occasion. Its thickness allows it to be worn comfortably within the fall/ winter, but also for a cool summer night. ANDREA has earned its spot in the Permanent Collection as it is viewed as a product that will always be needed.

5. ALBA Black Back Seam
ALBA is almost like ISABELLA in the sense that it is sheer but has a seam on the back. It is also a little thicker than ISABELLA as it is 20 denier. Due to the continual use of ISABELLA, ALBA is also a pair that is viewed as a year-round stocking for multiple occasions.

6. GIORGIA Black Fishnet
GIORGIA is a style that will always be loved – who doesn’t need a fantastic pair of fishnets? As the love for fishnets continues to increase, GIORGIA will always be available as it is one of the constant pieces in our Permanent Collection.

Ever since the launch of VienneMilano, these have been the six most coveted items. As a result, we intend on keeping these permanently in our product portfolio; thus, the name Permanent Collection.

Signature Collection

VienneMilano Permanent Collection Luxury Hosiery

Consisting of many creations and is relatively larger compared to our Permanent Collection. For example, you will find designs such as:

ALESSIA is a limited-edition product due to its spin off of GIORGIA. This vertically striped fishnet gives a flare to the design while reinforcing the permanent style of a fishnet.

Much like ALESSIA, ROSARIA is a delicate yet romantic product that has been placed in the Signature Collection. Due to its slight spin off of a fishnet style with the floral design, it is only available for a limited time while GIORGIA is found in the Permanent Collection.

ANDREA Cocoa Brown
As explained for ANDREA Black in the Permanent Collection, this 75 denier pair of stockings are great for the Fall/Winter months. These Cocoa Brown opaque thigh highs keep you warm and upgrade any outfit for all occasions!

VANNA Cinnamon Brown
This matte pair of thigh highs are at a medium denier of 50, which allows for some breathability. These thigh highs come in many colors, one of them being Cinnamon Brown. Wear these stockings with a little black dress and heels for a night out or your best pencil skirt for the office.

ISABELLA Chestnut Brown
These sheer thigh highs are the perfect addition to any outfit. ISABELLA ranges in color, but Chestnut Brown is one of our limited-edition must-haves. These stockings will show some added neutral tones under your outfit, but will also appear as casual.

GIADA Art Deco
GIADA is a limited-edition product as it is made of 180 denier and is incredible thick and warm. Since this product would not be as useful during the summer months due to its high denier, it is found in the Signature Collection.

These are limited edition pieces. It may be possible that once these models are sold out - we may not bring it back. That being said, we welcome customer feedback. From time to time, we do bring certain styles back due to popular demand…which leads to our next group of products.

Vintage Collection

Based off of the word vintage, our Vintage Collection appears just as you would assume – Consisting of pieces that were launched in our inaugural collection (way back when!). While some of these items are locked up in the VienneMilano vault for special occasions, it may be possible for us to bring certain designs back.

GIORGIA Nude Fishnet
As noted for GIORGIA Black in the Permanent Collection, fishnets are always in style. This pair of GIORGIA fishnets are in a Nude color that have been brought back as they're always fashionable. These fishnets are classic and can be worn for any occasion whether they're dressed down for the office or spiced up for a night out!

OTTAVIA is one of our fine stockings in the Vintage Collection. This pair of stockings has an art-deco band matched with a sophisticated back seam and beautiful lace that extends down the legs. OTTAVIA was founded in VienneMilano's first Signature Collection and was adored so much that it was placed in the Vintage Collection.

Another pair of VienneMilano stockings that has found its way back is MAFALDA. They are 50 denier, and are made in espresso brown. This unique argyle pattern and color makes these thigh highs perfect for any occasion -- whether you're heading to the office or going for a night out!

VIOLA Cashmere
VIOLA stockings are 190 denier, which makes them incredibly warm and cozy for a cold winter day. This cashmere pair of thigh highs are in royal purple, which will make you feel like royalty throughout the whole day!

Each year, we present new styles on two occasions: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. For the most part, our new designs would be added to our Signature Collection. However, it is possible that we bring one of our classic styles from our Vintage Collection back.

Which VienneMilano style do you enjoy wearing most, and which collection do you frequently shop from? Tell us in your comment below!

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