5 Care Tips For Hosiery

5 Care Tips For Hosiery

From weathering the cold to looking stylish in the summer, tights and stockings are a woman's must-have for any occasion. We've put together a list of five care tips to make your hosiery last longer, and keep that looking-new feel to them. So, prepare your stockings (and tights) for these simple five tips that will change the way you handle your hosiery!

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1. Wear and Remove Carefully

"One of the common mistakes that women make is that they tend to tug on their stockings too hard when putting hosiery on," says Dakota Rebell, a lifestyle blogger at State of writing and Essayroo. "Although it can be a tough habit to break, just remember that the goal here is to not stretch the fabric out of shape. Essentially, what you need to do is bunch it up until it reaches your toe, then put that on slowly. Do the same when you take them off so that you don't stretch it out too much."

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2. Wash Properly

The best way to wash your hosiery is to use cold water. Do not use hot water as that will damage the material of your stockings. Although you can use regular laundry detergent, we recommend using a delicate cleaning detergent. Similar to socks, we recommend that you wash your hosiery after each use – especially if you need to get rid of an embarrassing stain that you can't hide with the shoes or clothes that you're wearing.

3. Dry Properly

Typically, stockings (especially sheer hosiery) are made with breathable material, which allows it to dry quickly. Therefore, you'll want to air dry your hosiery by laying it flat. Do not use a drying machine to dry your hosiery as it will damage the elastic and silicone holdings on the stockings, thus making it challenging to stay up when you put them back on. So, skip the dryer and let your stockings and tights do the work by themselves.

4. Handle Carefully

As mentioned before, hosiery is made of fine material, to which you'll need to handle it with care. This means that if your nails are long, or if you're wearing any jewelry (especially those that can easily snag to things), be careful when putting on or taking off your hosiery. Also, make sure that your fingernails and toenails are well kept with no rough parts on or around the edges. The last thing you want is for a nail or a piece of jewelry to unexpectedly tug at the fabric and ruin it.

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5. Store Properly

Like all other clothes, it's important to store your hosiery properly. However, it's not as easy as throwing them into the dresser and thinking nothing more of it. Your hosiery needs to be separated from other lingerie since bra hooks, and decorative things on lingerie can easily cling to hosiery fabric and make unintended pulls and holes that will become worse once worn again. Try to keep your hosiery in a separate container, or in a fabric pouch.

And, as you store them, make sure you fold them neatly. Don't ever tie matching stockings together, because that can stretch the fabric. Just fold and store.

Caring for hosiery is easy! To learn more about the fabulous world of hosiery, check out the VienneMilano blog.

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