5 Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Lingerie Lover In Your Life

5 Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Lingerie Lover In Your Life

It is officially the time for gift-giving and now is the perfect time to start looking into what you want to buy for the lingerie lover in your life. Whether it be your best friend or your partner, there are plenty of pieces and looks to bring delight to even the pickiest of lingerie wearers.

The most common mistake that people make when buying underwear is choosing things that they like, so the best things to do before you make your purchases is to find out the size and styles they wear. Lingerie is a gift which expresses many different feelings, which makes it the perfect gift for Christmas!

Luxury Goes A Long Way

There is nothing wrong with spending a little extra money on something beautiful. Lingerie is a very special and intimate gift, so the price should not be your biggest priority. Women can tell the difference between cheap and luxury underwear.

Investing in something which she will use time and time again and which will stand the test of those wears is as important as the style and fit. Christmas is a special occasion and one which deserves to be celebrated.

Many designer lingerie ranges vary in the styles and designs that they choose. From lace to silk and triangle bras to suspender belts, there are so many different variations and pairings that you can choose from. La Perla has some beautiful and romantic silk briefs, whereas Agent Provocateur offers the very highest quality of bodysuits. Be sure to pick something that you know she will wear.

Hello To Hosiery

With the right pair of stockings, you can feel as though you are walking on a cloud. The perfect accessory for day and nightwear, hosiery is the perfect gift for all lingerie lovers. Whether a pair of sexy thigh highs is their thing, or if you just want to give them the gift of a luxurious pair of knee highs to add to their work wardrobe, you cannot go wrong.
Christmas present for her

Detailing and material are essential when it comes to gifting hosiery. From lace to cashmere, the material is a very personal thing. Another important thing to note is the color. If you want to gift them something that can be worn as part of their everyday wardrobe, then something lightweight and durable is sure to be a hit. For a bedroom boudoir collection, you might want to venture into something a little more exciting pattern-wise.
Gifts for lingerie lover

Boudoir Perfume

Women love a beautifully scented perfume, and one which is exclusive to use with their lingerie collection makes it all that more special. Be sure to choose one that is sensual and feminine, as this is sure to make the lucky recipient feel extra irresistible.

Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder was created to suit women who are more than comfortable within their own skin. With a delicious blend of vanilla, musk, and coconut, Sensuous Nude is a fragrance which sits lightly on the skin and is rich and sweet.

La Mia Perla by La Perla is a perfume which perfectly embodies a sensual woman and is perfect for any occasion. With a subtle fragrance blend of musk, peony, and jasmine, this is light and fragrant and is a scent that they will want to wear every day.

Romantic Robes

No matter how much the recipient loves luxurious underwear, there may be some times where she wants to put on a soft and romantic lingerie robe - it is the season to get cozy, after all!

A silk or satin robe will make the special lady in your life feel extra beautiful, no matter what she is wearing! Be sure to find out which material she likes, as a lot of romantic and boudoir style robes sit close to the skin for extra luxury!
Women's Robe

Scented Drawer Inserts

This may well seem like a peculiar gift, but any woman who takes good care of her underwear will truly appreciate some beautifully scented drawer inserts.

A lot of women tend to keep their most precious lingerie items separate from their everyday wear. Lingerie is made from extremely delicate materials and can easily become snagged or tatty when in contact with a bra hook or a mismatch of colors. Whether they prefer to keep their collection in a drawer or special box, they’ll love infusing their storage with a signature and light fragrance.

A lot of lingerie designers have their unique fragrance and style when it comes to inserting fragrance and style, so it may be worth shopping around to see what you can find. Alternatively, if you enjoy crafts, you can always make some yourself. This way, you can gift something extremely personal and meaningful, and they will look beautiful when presented in a lovely gift box.

About the author: Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer. She loves writing about the latest fashion and beauty trends and travel. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and planning her next shopping trip or travel destination. You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.

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