Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully fashioned stockings are back seam stockings that feature a welt, shadow welt, keyhole, back seam, and reinforced heel. This vintage style of stockings is meant to be worn with a garter belt.

History Of Full Fashion Stockings

A long time ago, stockings were made by sewing a piece of fabric (nylon, spandex, silk, wool, cotton or a blend of all of the above) cut in the shape of a leg together, thus forming a back seam. The key features of full-fashioned nylon stockings include:

  • Welt: Traditionally stockings are knitted from the top down. The top of the stockings (or the band) is called the welt, and it is created by stitching two layers of fabric together. As a result, the welt tends to be slightly darker than the rest of the hosiery. 
  • Shadow welt - A shadow welt is created below the welt where it is created with a single layer of fabric. The purpose of the shadow welt is to transition the welt to the rest of the stockings. 
  • Keyhole - As the top of the stockings are folded and sewn back on itself, a distinct hole is created in the back of the stockings. This hole is called a keyhole. 
  • Seam - Since this style of stockings are sewn together; a back seam is formed. 
  • Reinforced Heel - A darkened area around the heel is also created to secure the heel and sole of the stockings together. This area is called reinforced heel.

Fully Fashioned Stockings Diagram

How To Wear Fully Fashion Stockings

While there are many ways to put on hosiery, here's our recommended method to extend the life of your fabulous stockings:

  • Remove any jewelry you may be wearing on your hands (watches, rings, and bracelets). 
  • Put garter belt on, make sure all of your hook and eyes are securely closed. 
  • Adjust your garter belt as necessary so that the straps are aligned with your legs. 
  • Sit down on a chair. 
  • Bunch and gather your stocking together. 
  • Put your toes into the stocking. 
  • Pull your hosiery up your leg. 
  • Attach the buckles from your garter belt to the welt of your hosiery (Note: Do not attach your garter belt to the keyhole). 
  • Repeat for your other leg.

Tada! You are now ready to strut confidently in your sexy lingerie!

Vintage Style Stockings Today

Today, stockings are made by machines that are sewn in a circular motion. Pantyhose are reinforced by a gusset, and thigh highs (or stay ups and hold-ups as they are known in other parts of the world) features a silicone band to keep the hosiery up on your leg. As a result, it is not necessary to wear fully fashioned stockings with a garter belt.

Vintage style photo shoot

At VienneMilano, we offer a variety of styles to help you achieve a stylish and vintage look for any occasion. We have stockings that are meant to be worn with a garter belt available in nude and black, and we also offer garter belts

Nude stockings for garter belt

Additionally, we also offer back seam stockings. Browse our collection today and get $10 off with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS

Nude back seam stockings

Vintage style photo shoot

What's your favorite style of vintage stockings? Tell us in the comment below.

Resource: What is a fully-fashioned stocking by The Nylon Swish

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