Fishnet Stockings for Work

Fishnet Stockings for Work

"Dear VienneMilano,

It seems to me that fishnet stockings are making a comeback this season. While I find fishnets to be sexy and chic, do you believe that wearing fishnet hosiery to work is appropriate? Does it matter if the fishnets are nude? What about black fishnets? Can I wear micro-fishnets to work? I currently work in an ad agency in San Francisco."

– Inquisitively, Anita D.

Stylish and timeless, Fishnet stockings cleverly allow glimpses of bare skin, adding a racy touch to any outfit — but are fishnet stockings appropriate for work? To answer Anita's question, we reached out to several renowned stylists, fashion bloggers, and experts for their advice:

GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs
"Depending on where you work, fishnet stockings can work into a professional wardrobe. If you work in a creative or fashion- forward environment, wearing nude-tone fishnet stocking can be acceptable (Think makeup artist, cosmetic sales, aesthetician, fashion industry). Making a subtle statement with fashion hosiery can rank you among the fashion elite." - Mary Winkenwerder, Founder of Beautereport.
"As someone who works in a very public but very conservative field, I feel that almost any fashion statement can be determined appropriate or inappropriate depending on what it is paired with. Fishnet stockings are typically deemed as sexier than other fashion nylons due to their highly visible, eye-catching appearance. They have become more mainstream over the last few years. I have seen fishnet stockings peeping out from underneath a pencil skirt, paired with colorful tights underneath, and displayed for all to see with a modest skirt and a simple pair of heels. As long as the skirt and shoes you are wearing to work are appropriate for your field , I feel that fishnet stockings can add an acceptable bit of excitement." - Chris, CoFounder of Heel and Toes.
GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs
GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs
"If you work in a very conservative field, I would generally avoid fishnets. If, however, you work in a creative or fashion-forward environment, then go for it. One caveat, when you are wearing them in a professional environment, is the rest of the outfit needs to be very elegant, sophisticated, and created with your workplace in mind. You do not want to look like you are going bar hopping." - Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultant

"If your workplace allows for some creative expression, then fishnets can spice up your outfits. They do read as sexy/risqué in certain scenarios, so I recommend pairing them with clean-lined pieces — pencil skirts or sheath dresses. When partially covered, fishnets will make your outfits look more balanced. For a casual office environment, pairing fishnets with leather shorts is super fun. Footwear can also make a difference; a pair of pumps will class up your stockings, while over-the-knee or knee-high boots, or cute oxfords will make your look funky and chic." - Dina Scherer, Wardrobe Stylist, Modnitsa Styling.

GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs

"Our clothing sends powerful messaging and is an integral component of our personal brand, so the question is what message do you want to send and how do you want to be perceived? There are visual distractions that can compromise our trustworthiness, competency, and professionalism. Unless you are in the entertainment, high-fashion, art, or clothing retail industries, I'd reserve the fishnets for after 6 pm." - Anna Hinson, Founder of Style Counsel.

GIORGIA fishnet thigh highs

And last but certainly not least:

"Yes fishnets are totally appropriate! But you have to be mindful of the size of the fishnet and also the length of your skirt or dress. I would not wear fishnet stockings with a dress that is way above the knee!" - Kara Allan, Founder of

So the short answer is: It really depends on where you work. While the general consensus is to avoid wearing fishnet thigh highs in conservative work environments, fishnet thigh highs are acceptable at a creative work environment as long as your skirt or dress is not too short. In any environment, using your best judgement is key, particularly if your office has dress code guidelines readily available.

Agree or disagree? Tell us your experience in the comment section below.

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