Infographic: How To Wash Stockings

Infographic: How To Wash Stockings

With our nonslip silicone strips and soft, luxurious fabrics, we make wearing thigh highs easy; so we figured we would make washing them easy too! Infographics are fantastic tools for providing visuals with a description in order to guide someone step by step through a process. For this reason, we made a VienneMilano infographic teaching you how to wash your thigh highs!

How to wash thigh highs, stay ups, and hold up stockings

We would like to emphasize: please do not put your thigh highs in the dryer!! The silicone strips that keep your stockings securely on your legs will melt. Don't feel like washing your stockings right now? Or just looking for an excuse to get another pair of our fabulous pantyhose? Use the code FABLEGS for $10 off your next pair of thigh highs!

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