Style begins with the right attitude and fabulous stockings

Style begins with the right attitude and fabulous stockings

Coco Chanel once said,

"If a woman is badly dressed, it's the dress we'll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it's the woman herself, we'll notice."

This statement is just as relevant to what a woman wears under her dress as well. Choosing to spoil yourself with high quality lingerie will make you feel more sexy and confident. Your sense of style will shine when you start with luxurious materials against your skin. When looking at your intimate apparel, thigh high stockings should be a part of your wardrobe. Wearing thigh high stockings takes away constricting waist bands and allows a refreshing feel. It is a choice every woman should make to start her day well, before putting on her dress or skirt for work or play.

Black sheer hosiery

Even during the cold months, you should not compromise the materials that touch your skin. By having different weights and thicknesses of thigh high stockings, you can continue to feel sexy throughout the year. From a thinner material to a heavier weight, thigh high stockings can fit into any occasion, during any time of the year. This variety will make it very easy for you to pay a pair of stocking that goes well with Layoners sunglasses and other accessories found in your closet.

For work, consider ANDREA for your winter wear. For those party nights, ISABELLA Black will add style to your dress. And for that special someone, the elegant back seam of ALBA will add a sensual feel to the evening. Wearing the right pair of thigh high stockings on the right occasion will surely make you stand out from the crowd. This is especially important if you want to score a second date with the person you’ll see for the first time.

stockings styles

Chanel also said that 'luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.' Choosing to have luxurious items under your skirt or dress will be the first step to feeling good. It is a pretty little secret that you have. At work, you can wear thigh highs to keep you comfortable without those pantyhose restrictions. In an evening out with that someone special, feeling sensuous in your thigh high stockings, will add electricity to your night on the town.

Back seam stay ups

Wearing thigh high stockings can be a secret, or you can choose to have the bands peek out from your skirt or dress. But however you choose to wear your stockings, always have a sense of style about you. In a final quote from Coco Chanel, 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same.' VienneMilano will help you reveal your style in fashion.

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