Why are bras, panties and stockings so expensive?

Why are bras, panties and stockings so expensive?

Dear VienneMilano,
After years of diet and exercise, I have finally reached a weight which I am happy with. Although I still have ways to go, I decided to celebrate by going shopping for new bras, panties, and stockings. As I look around, I am shocked by the price tag. Why do beautiful lingerie cost so much?
- Francine B.

Congratulations! Hard work and dedication usually pays off, and I am happy to hear that you've reached a desirable point. Shopping is a fantastic way to celebrate. If I had to choose three fashionable items which I cannot live without, those items would be an excellent-constructed bra, pretty panties, and a fabulous pair of stockings. While these items are a necessity for the everyday-wear, I genuinely believe that high-quality intimate apparel (luxury lingerie) will make you look and feel confident - which to me, is well worth the money.

Christine Quartier la Tente, VienneMilano, Bordelle(Three luxurious pieces by: Bordelle, VienneMilano, and Christine Quartier la Tente)

Like most things: you pay for what you get, and intimate apparel is no exception. When paying for luxury lingerie, the three components that factor into the cost are 1. People 2. Material 3. Brand. 


When purchasing luxurious bras, panties, stockings (and or more), you are paying for:

    • A skilled laborer - a person who crafts fine lingerie, and has been doing so for many years as evident in their work.
    • A talented designer - a person who understands the intent of the intimate apparel, and has creatively design products that suit the consumer’s need.
    • An operations person - one who orchestrates the production of the intimate apparel, and oversees the entire assembly line.

While this is a simplified explanation of the roles involved with the process of bringing excellent lingerie to you as a consumer, there are additional supporting roles that are involved. I introducing people first because people (like in any production) is the factor that distinguishes quality.
I'd take things one step further by focusing on the country of origins. In some countries, labor is highly regulated to protect skilled laborer, which goes into the cost.


The fabric and materials selected for production play an integral part in determining the cost. Silk, microfiber, cotton, tulle, lace, elastic, silicone - These are all materials that are commonly found in lingerie. However, some material (such as silk) takes more time (and labor) to produce, while others do not. And similar to labor, many countries also have environmental regulations.

In addition to material, the hardware (i.e., 24K buckles vs. plastic), finishing, embroidery, and embellishments are things that can go onto the material. As you can imagine, stockings that feature rhinestones along its backside will cost more than stockings made without rhinestones.

Stockings with rhinestones


Typically, when you purchase luxury goods, you are buying from an established brand which offers excellent quality and service. While this has been the model for a long time, this is one area of luxury goods that has flexibility. When you purchase from a large conglomerate brand, you are also paying for overhead costs such as retail operations, marketing expenses, fashion show parties, and events. Instead, you'll want to shop from independent brands who offer the same level of quality and service without the overhead cost. VienneMilano is an excellent example of this. Not only do we source from Italy, a country known for quality, we also operate in a tight ship, thus keeping cost reasonable.

Messina by Bordelle and VienneMilano(Three luxurious pieces by: Bordelle, and VienneMilano)

So continue to pamper yourself with self-indulgence! After all, You. Deserve. It. Show yourself some self-love with luxurious pretty little lingerie pieces. Shop VienneMilano's collection of luxury hosiery, and get $10 off with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS. Be sure to check out our fine lingerie boutique as we bring some of our favorite brands from around the world to you!

Have I answered your question? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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