Definition of denier

Definition of denier

"Dear VienneMilano,

I am new to the world of hosiery. I see so many references to ‘denier’ when shopping for new stockings. What is a denier and why is it important?

-Lillian B."

Denier is the unit of measure for the thickness of hosiery fiber. The higher the number of deniers, the thicker a pair of stockings is. At VienneMilano, we divide our thigh high stockings into three categories of deniers: 10-20, 21-50, 50+.

10-20 denier

Stockings that are low denier tend to be light and sheer – as a result, it is more likely for you to wear hosiery that is within the 10-20 denier range in the spring/summer time when temperature tends to be upwards of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, sheer or nude stockings tend to complement your outfits (wearing nude stocking is like wearing makeup on your legs), we recommend low denier hosiery to be worn year round, but not necessarily vice versa with higher deniers.

Nude stockings outfit

Back seam stockings outfit

21-50 denier

Hosiery that is made within the 21-50 denier range is pretty versatile in terms of style, comfort, and occasion of use. We believe that stockings that fall within this range are best to be worn when the temperature is within 40 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brown thigh highs outfit

Thick black thigh highs outfit

50+ denier

We would recommend wearing high denier stockings during the fall and or winter time as the temperature drops below 30 degrees. Thigh highs can also be worn underneath your pants in the winter to keep your gams warm.

Trench coat thigh highs outfit

Black pattern thigh highs outfit

Thigh high stockings can be worn for every occasion, and in every season. So be creative, be fun and most importantly be fabulous with VienneMilano! ;) Additionally, do check out our blog post as we unravel "Which stockings keep me warm".

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