Cuban Heels Vs. French Heels

Cuban Heels Vs. French Heels

"Dear VienneMilano,
I recently started wearing back-seam stockings and have come across different style heels. For example, I've seen many references to "Cuban" and "French" style heels. What’s the difference between Cuban and French heels? And are there other kinds of heels for hosiery as well?

- Laura P."

Back seam stockings: an all time favorite style of hosiery worn by women throughout the past century. Marked by a seductive line going up a woman’s leg, this sexy style of hosiery allows you to captivate your followers the moment you walk into a room.

Traditionally, stockings were manufactured with a reinforced toe and reinforced heel as a way to hold the stockings together. The back seam connects the foot of the stocking (starting from the heel) and goes all the way to top. As a result, most stockings at one point in history had a back seam.

Classic Stockings Style

Between the 1940’s to 1950’s, two prominent patterns were created to caress a woman’s heel: French heel and Cuban heel. Additionally, there were also other sophisticated designs as well: Havana and Manhattan.

Different styles of heels on back seam stockings
Image source: Vintage Lingerie Blog

French Heel – A darkened reinforced heel joint by a pointy top. While some consider this shape to be pyramidal, we believe it looks more like an Eiffel Tower.

Cuban Heel – Similar to a French Heel, the Cuban heel also features a pyramid – an Aztec style pyramid. Therefore instead of having a pointy top, the heels are joined by a square.

Havana Heel – Considering Havana’s relation to Cuba, Havana heels are just like Cuban heels except this fabulous style is slightly taller and wider.

Manhattan Heel – Inspired by the Manhattan skyline, this sophisticated design features an intricate design that combines both the French and Cuban heel.

Today hosiery is no longer made with reinforced toes and reinforced heels. While the popularity of back seam stockings continues to soar, today, the line is actually sewn back onto stockings, after the hosiery is produced. As a result, you may also find this classic style of stockings with no designs around the heels, thus the term: Nude heel.

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Do you love wearing back seam stockings? And if so, which style of hosiery heels do you prefer? Tell us by commenting below.

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