How to Complete Your Lingerie Set

How to Complete Your Lingerie Set

Lingerie is an art form not often discussed. The textures of items that create a beautiful lingerie outfit, such as silky camisoles or delicate gemstone studded bras, impact the overall look. High-quality VienneMilano thigh highs complete the look of any lingerie outfit. Choose from a variety of thigh highs to make an ensemble exciting, romantic, or unexpected. We've created a list of some thigh highs to pair up with different types of lingerie outfits:

ISABELLA Black Stockings with a Black Teddy

ISABELLA Black thigh highs have a sheer and smooth black texture, which coordinates beautifully with a lacy black teddy. Sheer thigh highs with a lace top accentuate the delicate details of the rest of the outfit. This pairing is sure to steam things up with your significant other in the bedroom.

Lingerie and ISABELLA black thigh highs

GRAZIANA Ivory with a Sheer, White Dress

A short white nightgown looks stunning with GRAZIANA Ivory thigh highs. Consider this look for bridal or anniversary lingerie. GRAZIANA is sure to keep the honeymoon everlasting. GRAZIANA White thigh highs come with lace at the top of the bands.

Lingerie and GRAZIANA ivory thigh highs

Vintage Red Thigh Highs with a Silky Red Nightgown

To get a classic siren look, pair (vintage) thigh highs with a satin red nightgown that makes you feel luxurious and elegant. VienneMilano (vintage) red thigh highs come with a solid, banded silicone top for strength, and a bold style. If you are looking to take things a little bit further, and notch up the excitement in the bedroom, a silky red nightgown with vintage thigh highs is the perfect fix.

Lingerie and red thigh highs

GIORGIA Fishnet Thigh Highs with a Glamorous Bra and Underwear Set

It's fun to play with the contrast of fishnet thigh highs with bold lingerie. It absolutely adds a ton of sex appeal, and shows your confident and playful side. A chic bra and underwear with deeply hued colors are the main attraction. Adding GIORGIA Fishnet thigh highs complements the look on a whole other level. For a more daring outfit, consider pairing black fishnet thigh highs with a racy bra and underwear set.

Lingerie and GIORIA thigh highs

Lingerie and thigh highs are perfect for the bedroom experience, and you can never go wrong with either one. How do you pair your Italian hosiery with your lingerie set? Leave us a comment below.

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