How To Wear Colorful Stockings

How To Wear Colorful Stockings

"Dear VienneMilano,
I love colors. However, when it comes to stockings, I mostly buy black hosiery. I am very tempted to buy a pair of thigh highs in one of your fantastic new colors. Do you have any recommendations for which colors to choose from? Can you also tell me how to match colorful stockings to wear for work?

Anabelle C."

Whether you prefer a retro look or you have a bold sense of style, colorful stockings complement personal fashion preferences. Enjoy these suggestions for outfits with thigh highs in bright, beautiful colors:

Olive Green Thigh Highs with a Black Dress
The bright, beautiful tone of teal thigh highs work well with simple colors, such as a black dress. Pair this peacock thigh high hue with a well-tailored outfit and a chunky necklace. Style the outfit with a classic, luxurious purse and heels.

How to wear green stockings with style

How to wear green stockings fashionably

Cinnamon Brown Thigh Highs with a Bohemian Outfit
Consider pairing red thigh highs with warm tones in a bohemian-inspired outfit. Wear a top and skirt with yellow, orange, brown or red tones in a paisley pattern or thick knit for a creative look.

Cinnamon brown stockings outfit style

Brown tights outfit

Oceana Blue Thigh Highs with Silver or Dark Gray Apparel
The cool tones in blue thigh highs look beautiful with silver or deep gray apparel. Choose a shimmery evening dress or subtly textured skirt to wear with blue thigh highs. Wear elegant shoes in suede or patent leather to complete the high-fashion ensemble.

How to wear blue stockings

Blue stockings outfit

Mustard Yellow Thigh Highs with a Skirt or Dress Featuring Patterns
An extra special product, our gold-hued thigh highs look elegant and refined. Consider wearing them with a patterned skirt or dress for a sophisticated look. A subtle navy and white geometric pattern dress look great with our gold thigh highs.

Yellow stockings outfit for every occasion

Mustard Yellow hosiery

Adding a pop of color to an outfit is a wonderful way to express yourself and make a statement. Do not let another season go by without letting your style reflect your fabulous personality. You and your legs deserve better! VienneMilano luxury thigh highs come in a variety of exciting colors including brown, purple, yellow, green, blue, and gray. There is a color for every day of the week, every occasion, every outfit, and every woman.

Browse our VANNA thigh high selection to see our latest products in earth-tone, on-trend colors. If you would like more ideas for outfits with thigh highs, keep reading our blog.

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