Introducing VANNA Colorful Stockings

Introducing VANNA Colorful Stockings

When VienneMilano first began, industry experts told us that women only buy black stockings. I was shocked, how could this possibly be? While it’s true, women tend to have a strong preference for the color black, I was determined to bring color to life in our 2017 Fall/Winter Collection. VienneMilano reveals the style and confidence of a woman. Surely, colorful stockings are a brilliant way to do so.

This season, we dare our customers to be bold and beautiful with earth tone hues. Inspired by the natural beauty of Italy, we launch VANNA in six new colors: Mustard Yellow, Olive Green, Moss Green, Oceano Blue, Pearl Gray, and Titanium Gray. VANNA is also still available in Cinnamon Brown, from our 2016 Signature Collection.

Red Stockings

Yellow Stockings

Olive Green Stockings

Green Stockings

Blue Stockings

Gray Stockings

Light Gray Stockings

Made from 3D microfiber, VANNA features an incredibly soft finish creating a velvety feel. Embellished with a solid band, VANNA is an excellent foundation under form-fitting clothing. Every pair of VienneMilano thigh highs are made in Italy, thus offering you superb craftsmanship and luxury.

Which of these colors do you like most, and what will you pair with VANNA? Be sure to comment below. Stay tuned as we reveal our style guides and tips on how to wear colorful stockings. Dare to be bold?

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