How To Choose Stockings Infographic

How To Choose Stockings Infographic

At VienneMilano, we believe that legs are a canvas for color and texture, and thigh highs allow you to use that canvas. To help you decide which style of hosiery is suitable for you and for a particular occasion, we've designed an infographic. In our infographic, we focus on two attributes: your personality and the weather. Weather conditions can impact how we feel and thus our fashion decisions, making it an important variable. Hopefully our fashion infographic can help you figure out which hose will help you create your perfect canvas!

How It Works

We have placed some of our best-selling styles into a chart divided into four quadrants. To begin, is the day you are planning your outfit for hot or cold? If it's a cold day, start on the left. If it's a hot day, start from the right. If it's a warm day, start from the middle.

Next, you'll have to decide whether you are feeling bold and confident or shy and modest. This is, of course, a simplified version of a woman's personality. We recognize that there are many other personality traits besides these two; however, we've honed in on these two traits for the sake of simplicity. Depending on how bold or shy you feel, you can navigate through our infographic by going up (for those who are feeling bold) or down (for those who are feeling shy).

An Example: If you are someone who commands attention wherever you go, and it just so happens to be a cold day, we recommend wearing GIADA Art Deco pattern stockings. In contrast, if it were a cold and you were feeling shy, then we recommend ANDREA opaque thigh highs. We also recommend ISABELLA sheer stockings for those who are feeling shy on a hot day.

Fashion Infographic: How To Choose Stockings

So, which of our fabulous style fits you? Do you agree with our assessment? Tell us in the comment below.

Can't decide? Buy them all! How else will you be fabulous for every occasion? And don't forget to use voucher code LOVELY for 10% off.

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