Introducing VIOLA Cashmere Thigh High Stockings

Introducing VIOLA Cashmere Thigh High Stockings

Ciao! I am Vienne, the Founder and Designer for VienneMilano. Today, I am going to introduce you to VIOLA Cashmere thigh highs from our Vintage Collection. VIOLA was first conceptualized in 2010 as I dreamed of creating a fabulous pair of warm stockings. At the time, I was set on using the color purple, as it is the color adorned by kings and queens. My goal was to make a pair of stockings that will allow a woman to feel like royalty.

As I traveled all over Italy in search of the perfect supplier for this special creation, it took several tries to find a producer who could accomplish this combination of style and premium quality materials.

Over the years, I have worn this fabulous style of thigh highs between September to April as those are the coolest months of the year. And for the most part, I wear VIOLA with dresses and skirts. In particular, I enjoy sporting this pair of purple hosiery with my red and purple floral pattern dress. I also wear VIOLA with a white-collar shirt, tucked inside a little black dress or a black pencil skirt.

Thigh high socks

Thigh highs that stay up

As for shoes, I wear this purple style with black-patented leather shoes. However given the thickness of this pair of stockings, I also wear it with black boots and booties.

Stilettos, Boots, and Booties with thigh high socks

How do you maintain cashmere stockings you may ask? While we highly recommend hand washing your luxury hosiery, truth be told, I actually wash VIOLA in the machine along with our weekly load of laundry. Just be sure to use cold water. Once the washing machine is done, you’ll want to air dry your thigh high socks. Seriously, it's that simple!

For seven years, I have relished my pair of VIOLA stockings, and expect at least another seven years to come. Given my experience, I know you will love how warm and luxurious it will make your legs feel… You can either pamper yourself and or someone you love. Enjoy!

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