Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

Your wedding day is fast approaching and suddenly you have a million and one thoughts on your mind. Being the bride can be stressful, but while you're running around making sure everything goes smoothly, don't forget that you have a fabulous team by your side: your bridesmaids. You chose these girls for a reason, and now is your chance to make sure they know how much they mean to you with a little something from the soon-to-be woman in white. The problem is, finding the perfect bridesmaid gift is no easy task. With so many different personalities and sizes, it is difficult to know what the "right" gift is for each girl. You want your friends to feel fabulous and know that they are appreciated, but how? Perhaps it hasn't crossed your mind, but hosiery, in particular VienneMilano thigh highs, make the perfect gift for you and the bridesmaids! Below are some reasons why this is the gift you have been searching for and just didn't know it...

1. Thigh Highs are Practical

Thigh highs are a wedding day essential. Your bridesmaids will need a pair of stockings to wear with their dresses on the big day and unfortunately, stockings are sometimes overlooked. Why not give your friends a gift they can be sure to use on the big day? Also, by pre-purchasing high quality thigh highs, you can avoid any day-of mishaps like mismatched tights or girls with runs down their legs! Giving a gift that can be worn on the big day is a wonderful way to get everyone excited, and to ensure that on the wedding day they will feel luxurious and fabulously put together.

GRAZIANA Lavender will have your bridesmaids looking fabulousGRAZIANA Lavender will complete any wedding day look

Thigh highs are practical in that they are not a one-time product. Your bridesmaids will be able to wear their hosiery time and time again after your big day. While VienneMilano hosiery is high quality and certainly formal enough for wedding-wear, depending on the style you choose, it will be versatile enough to wear to a variety of occasions like work, formal dinners, or other special events. Also, if you are concerned about buying the right size for each girl, do not fret. At VienneMilano, two sizes fit all! Our products come in small and large and fit a spectrum of different body types. Not convinced? Take a look at our tall girl and short girl blog posts to see how girls at both ends of the height spectrum wear VienneMilano. 

2. Thigh Highs are Luxurious

Wouldn't it be great to be able to give your friends a luxury fashion accessory, made with the finest materials, shipped all the way from Italy? With VienneMilano, you can! VienneMilano thigh highs are not like other pantyhose or stockings as they are made in Italy and come in a variety of designs. VienneMilano thigh highs are a luxury fashion accessory for women, and are fun to style and flaunt. You may also choose to have your stockings delivered in our beautiful VienneMilano gift box. The purple box holds up to three pairs of VienneMilano stockings and slides open at the pull of a ribbon. Presenting your gift in this way is exciting to give and to open! Not only is hosiery a fun gift for your girls, but it is also all about embracing one's beauty, style and confidence. And why not help empower your fabulous friends?  

3. Thigh highs are Perfect

A pair of VienneMilano thigh highs makes a perfect stand-alone gift, but it can also be a great supplement to any "themed" present. Whether your theme is "a night on the town," "girls' night in," or "beauty must-haves," thigh highs are always a fun addition. Perhaps you are thinking of giving your bridesmaids some day-of wedding essentials. Why not pair VienneMilano with a bottle of perfume? Or maybe some earrings and their favorite makeup product? You could have fun individualizing each gift-set based on each girl’s personality. Remember, thigh highs can be personalized too! All VienneMilano products are unique and have been given a name to reflect the style of a different woman. Maybe one of your bridesmaids is colorful and bold like VANNA matte. Perhaps another friend reminds you of the luxuriously lacy OTTAVIA lace. Maybe ALESSIA stripe screams your best friend Sarah. Or maybe her name is ALESSIA, which in that case this pair is the one for her.Wedding day essentials gift-set for bridesmaids

Which Design do I Choose?

There are a number of thigh high styles to choose from, and if it is for the big day the style will depend on the bridesmaid dresses. However, in general we recommend choosing ISABELLA for your bridesmaids. Our ISABELLA design comes in nudechestnut brown, and black which match with just about anything. Also, the design's lace embellished band makes it a beautiful wedding accessory. Another option is CLAUDIA black. GRAZIANA, which comes in nude and ivory, is another perfect wedding style. This style however, we like to save for the bride herself. Yes, thigh highs are for bridesmaids but they are for brides, too! While you are getting together the perfect bridesmaid gift, treat yourself with your own pair of VienneMilano thigh high hosiery.

The perect Bridal look is never complete without a pair of VienneMilano thigh highs

Whatever way you decide to thank your friends, with VienneMilano you are all sure to look and feel fabulous! Getting married soon? Let us know in the comments. We can't wait to see you and all your beautiful bridesmaids looking stunning in VienneMilano thigh high stockings!

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