Bridal Trends 2021

Bridal Trends 2021

We at VienneMilano love to help brides prepare for their big day - that's why we've invited Lilian Hung of Lyra Vega Bridal to share the top wedding dress trends of 2021, and why thigh-high stockings are a must-have accessory for your celebration.

Bridal trends can be tricky. On one hand, you want to look up to date and on trend, but on the other hand, you want to make sure that when you look back on your gown in two, five, or even 10 years time, the look won't feel dated and you no longer love your fashion choices for your big day. The trick is to pick a timeless silhouette and add on one or two "trend details" as a highlight, so you can make a fashion statement on your wedding day, without sacrificing a classic look that will last the test of time. Here are a few of our favorite 2021 bridal trends you can work into your bridal ensemble (all stockings-friendly, of course) and how to wear them!

Statement Sleeves

Ditch the popular strapless silhouette and flaunt your frame with some statement sleeves! This bridal trend is perfect for any season and will complement every gown style from ball gowns to sheath fits. For the colder months, style your gown with puff sleeves and elegant button trails or a few pearl embellishments. With a spring or summer ceremony, you'll want to go for a sheer or detachable sleeve. Choose a more lightweight fabric, such as tulle that won't weigh down your arms and can be easily removed. This gives you the option to transform your bridal look from ceremony to reception with a simple two-step removal.

Pearly sleeves
Elegant sleeves

Dancing with Pearls by Lyra Vega Bridal


Add a little flare with a statement bow! From accessories to gown details, this bridal trend is a stylish addition to any wedding look. Whether it's an oversized bow on a gown or a chic bow on your hair, bows is the 2021 IT girl's choice for a modern finishing touch to complete your bridal look!

Bows for your big day
bridal bows

Giving Me Butterflies (Zsa Zsa Zsu)

Classic Silhouettes

In 2021, it's time to let the silhouette do the talking! For the minimalist brides out there, this is a dream come true. This year is all about the shape - square necklines, cowl details, chunky straps, silky fabrics - this allows your gown to really shine and gives you the chance to play with your accessories. Create a moment with a long train or throw on some statement jewelry for a more dramatic look.

Classic silhouette

Lulu by Lyra Vega Bridal

Intricate Embroidery

Don't let the popularity of classic silhouettes fool you, the runway never forgets to include something for the brides who love details. Intricate embroidery, from beading and lace to floral appliques, is continuing to have its moment in the bridal world. Paired with a simpler silhouette, this trend will add some flare to a bridal look. Whether you go bold with a fully embroidered gown or stick to subtle add-ons, style this look with very few or simple accessories. The embellishments on the gown will be the main attraction and statement accessories can make the look seem over the top.

White embroidery

Amelia by Lyra Vega Bridal

Embroidered gown

Carina by Lyra Vega Bridal

White Tights

Chanel resurrected a trend that was thought to be left in the past in their Spring 2020 Couture show with models strutting down the runway in all white hosiery, and we are here for it! Traditionally, white tights are resemblant of a school-girl ensemble and could come off as a bit too on the nose for a bridal look. But this season, we love the cool-girl vibes from utilizing this accessory effectively, especially as we see simpler gowns for smaller celebrations! Not only will you look polished and cool, but high-quality hosiery also serves as an excellent shape perfector, warmth provider, and even skin tone enhancer - giving you the perfect support on all fronts for your big day. Take things a step further by incorporating bridal details like pearls and lace in your hosiery, and get ready for the compliments to pour in!

VienneMilano white tights

ISABELLA by VienneMilano

Incorporating bridal trends into your wedding day adds a statement addition to any look and will make for an exciting grand entrance and first look! We love a good attention grabbing detail and hope our tips will help you create the wedding look of your dreams!

Find the wedding gown of your dreams at Lyra Vega Bridal - and don't forget to browse our the VienneMilano boutique for fabulous European lingerie for your honeymoon.

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