Introducing: GRAZIANA Bridal Thigh Highs

Introducing: GRAZIANA Bridal Thigh Highs

Hello, I'm Vienne (the Founder of VienneMilano), and I’m here to introduce one of the most celebrated designs from our Bridal Collection: GRAZIANA, available in ivory and nude with lavender. Inspired by one of the happiest days in my life, GRAZIANA is finely crafted for a bride-to-be.

On my wedding day, I wore three dresses as it is customary to my family’s traditions. I wore a classic Grace Kelly-inspired white wedding gown, a red two-piece “kwa,” and a bittersweet color cheong-sam (also known as a qi-pao). Since all three gowns cover most of my legs, I thought that wearing thigh highs with a tall lace band would be a lavish way to complement my wedding attire. Plus, given all the time I spent on finding the perfect wedding accessories, it would be silly to walk down the aisle bare legged.

Wedding with GRAZIANA thigh highs

GRAZIANA is available in both ivory and nude with a lavender band to accommodate each bride’s unique sense of style. I wore nude thigh highs (ELISABETTA from our Vintage collection) on my wedding day as a fashion complement for all three of my gowns. Though I wish I had created GRAZIANA in time for my wedding, as the lavender band would have matched the corset I wore underneath my wedding gown perfectly.

GRAZIANA thigh highs

GRAZIANA thigh highs

Wedding with lavender GRAZIANNA thigh highs

GRAZIANA is made with a soft spandex which allows it to stretch and sit comfortably on your leg all day long, whether you are sitting, walking down the aisle, or traveling from place to place. And to finish off any wedding look, you need shoes! While some may choose to wear flats on her wedding day, I wore my thigh highs with Manolo Blahnik’s BB suede pumps.

GRAZIANA thigh highs are also a fabulous gift for your bridal party. Bridesmaids and mothers-in-law who enjoy high-end fashion will love receiving VienneMilano hosiery as a gift, especially with our beautiful purple box.

GRAZIANA thigh highs

Garden wedding with GRAZIANA thigh highs

Planning a wedding? We highly encourage you to give GRAZIANA in either nude or ivory a try! Not only is GRAZIANA in nude perfect for your own wedding, but it’s a fabulous accessory to wear to someone else’s wedding and/or other festivities.

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