Can I pair blue and black stockings?

Can I pair blue and black stockings?

Dear VienneMilano,

Can I wear black stockings with a navy blue dress?

I'm looking forward to attending a small wedding in my navy blue colored dress. I purchased a pair of ISABELLA black thigh highs from your website a few months ago - can these black tights be paired with my blue dress?

Please help,

Leona M.

First off, thank you for choosing VienneMilano! I'm so glad to hear that you purchased from us. ISABELLA black is one of our best sellers, which can pair with anything - including navy blue. To address your question, we reached out to four professional stylists for their fashion insight. Meet Ginger Burr (Founder of Total Image Consultant, and author of That's So You!), Holly Katz (Host of Fashion Crime and Owner Holly Katz Styling), Lindsey Taub (Owner of Lindsey Taub Image Consultant), and celebrity stylist, Britani Cato.

According to Ginger Burr:

"Black stockings can definitely be worn with a navy blue dress and look elegant, chic and very current!"

Outfit 1

According to Holly Katz:

"Of course you can wear black and blue together! Black and blue are both neutral colors. There’s no rules against pairing two neutral colors together."

Outfit 2

According to Lindsey Taub:

"Emphatically YES!! A black sheer (or even opaque) stocking will look wonderful with a navy dress. Both colors are neutral, so they'll always be complimentary. Make sure the look comes off as deliberate, like pairing a navy shoe with the navy dress and pop it with the black stockings. You can always wear black shoes too, which will help further elongate your legs. Enjoy mixing and matching with confidence as these two colors can be your best friend!"

Outfit 3

According to Britani Cato:

I'd have to say it depends on the look? I've done that before in my styling career, yet the mood was punk.

What are your thoughts on this duo? Leave us a comment below.

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