Introducing: DONATELLA Black Sheer Thigh Highs

Introducing: DONATELLA Black Sheer Thigh Highs

Hello, I'm Vienne (Founder of VienneMilano). Today I'm here to introduce one of our most breathtaking designs from our Signature Collection: DONATELLA Thigh Highs in Classic Black. DONATELLA was inspired by the professional woman who secretly (or not so secretly) wants to be provocative.

Black sheer thigh highs

The body of DONATELLA is made of sheer hosiery that adds a decadent, powder like finish to your legs. Meanwhile, DONATELLA’s brilliantly colorful band, which comes in a bright fuchsia and eye-catching gray, when styled properly conveys a conservative look, while concealing a seductive secret for you and your significant other. I love wearing this pair of stockings for that exact reason. I can convey a conservative style to the public while feeling internally sexy and sassy with the bright, lacey band hiding just beneath the hem of my dress.

Italian hosiery

Not only does DONATELLA's 7-inch band create an air of mystery between you and your significant other, the extra-tall band also allows for optimal comfort.

Black stockings with tall 7" band

I recommend wearing DONATELLA anytime between May and October. In Boston, these months tend to range from 50 - 70 degrees, which is the perfect temperature to wear sheer hosiery like DONATELLA. During those months, parties, girl's nights and hot dates are the perfect occasions to sport a pair of DONATELLA thigh highs. The bright fuchsia band peeking out from your dress will create intrigue with those around you. Wear them out and you will see how everyone flocks to that "je ne sais quoi" (or in Italian... "non lo so") instilled by your DONATELLA thigh highs.

Black stockings with gray dress

I typically style my DONATELLA thigh highs with a knee-length skirt or an extra-long dress, to keep the lacey band a seductive secret. By hiding the brightly colored band the styling options for these stockings becomes limitless. Pair DONATELLA with a fabulous patterned dress or a solid skirt. As for shoes, I tend to reach for a pair of patent leather stilettos to compliment the flirty, decadent feeling of DONATELLA's bright lace.

If you are the type of woman who wants to feel sassy, sexy and opulent then the DONATELLA was made for you. Give her a try! You and your significant other will love sharing this sexy little secret.


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