SCARLATTA Back Seam Stockings in red

SCARLATTA Back Seam Stockings in red

We at VienneMilano are excited to introduce SCARLATTA, our back seam stockings in scarlet red. Featuring a luscious floral band backed by a luxuriously textured pattern that will sit fabulously on your leg, this style of hosiery gives a new sultry-take on vintage back-seam stockings.

Floral band

What’s in a name?

SCARLATTA is the Italian name of Scarlet, which symbolizes courage, passion, and joy - we selected this name because we believe that this bold and daring style is made for an unapologetically fierce woman and deserves to be seen.


Occasion of use

Traditionally, red is associated with festive occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Lunar Near year - however, with SCARLATTA red, the sky is the limit when it comes to the occasion of use. Paired with a little black dress, SCARLATTA red is fabulous for parties, a night out with the girls or a hot date. Let your imagination and creativity go wild with this colorful style.

Back seam

back seam

What will you be wearing SCARLATTA with? Leave us a comment below.

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