Becoming a Lingerie Model

Becoming a Lingerie Model

Lights, camera, action!

VienneMilano is a brand for all women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful, and sexy in every occasion. As you browse through our social media channels, you will notice that our models are not the stereotypical Fashion Avenue types. We strive to present hosiery as a fashion complement which real women can wear, and thus we take pride in selecting real women to model our products.

Our models are students, professionals, mothers, artists: VienneMilano gives them a chance to have fun with modeling, and maybe enter the fashion industry. Our hosiery helps them to look and feel fabulous. And by just following a few steps, perhaps it can help you too!

Although modeling for VienneMilano is super fun and fabulous, there is more to becoming a lingerie model than photographing at extravagant homes, fancy restaurants and glamorous studios. We're here to explain the process of our photoshoots:

  1. Casting call — So you're convinced that you have what it takes to become the face (and legs) of VienneMilano, but are not sure what to do next? First, you must attend our casting call, which occurs about once a year. On the day of the event, all candidates will need to impress us by flaunting their legs and thigh highs for photos and introduce themselves by answering a few simple questions at our audition. This is your chance to prove you have what it takes to be a VienneMilano model.

  2. Call-back— Once we've identified you as a qualified candidate, we ask to meet with you for 1-2 training sessions on how to stand and pose the VienneMilano way. To elaborate, since the skills required for posing for a hosiery brand are unique and unlike that of any other fashion products, we'll show you how it's done.

  3. Shooting time — You've impressed us once again at call-backs so now it's time to work together! Now that you're fully prepared to pose the VienneMilano way, it is time to take your skills to the test at the shoot. Depending on the objective of our photography session, our photoshoots can take anywhere from 2 hours to an entire day as we snap hundreds of amazing photos for commercial and web use. Our VienneMilano models are provided the photos and are welcome to use them for their own portfolios.

The location of a casting call, call-back or photoshoot can vary, and may take place anywhere around the world! But keep in mind, because we are a Boston-based company, these meetups will likely be in Boston or the Greater Boston area.

Ready? Apply today! Email us 3 photos of yourself along with your name, phone number and age (must be over 18!) at

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