Barbie Ferreira wears VienneMilano Fishnet Stockings

Barbie Ferreira wears VienneMilano Fishnet Stockings

We at VienneMilano are so thrilled to see actress and model, Barbie Ferrier sport VienneMilano luxury hosiery in the September issue of Dazed Magazine! In an exclusive interview, Barbie talks about her role as Kat Hernandez on HBO’s Euphoria and life as a world-renown curvey model.

“I’ve done a couple of campaigns and lookbooks where I was wearing their clothes, but the clothes were cut open at the back…Now I want to make it a priority where I’m not modeling anything that I can’t fit in or I can’t go into the store and actually buy.”

Barbie Ferreira wearing VienneMilano fishnet stockings
Kat HernandezGIORGIA fishnet stockings in size XXL by VienneMilano Photography Michael Bailey Gates, Styling Chris Horan

Go Barbie! Go! What an inspiration. Needless to say, we’re a huge fan!

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