Introducing: ALBA Back Seam Thigh High Stockings

Introducing: ALBA Back Seam Thigh High Stockings

Hello, I'm Vienne, founder of VienneMilano. Today I'm here to introduce a classic piece from our Permanent Collection: ALBA Back Seam Classic Black. Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, ALBA is created with legendary stars in mind, such as Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardener, and Judy Garland.

ALBA back seam thigh highsWhat makes back seam stockings so charming to me, is the fact that at one point in time, all stockings had a back seam – Yes, it's true! A long, long time ago, stockings were made by sewing a piece of fabric together to fit a woman's leg – thus forming the back seam.

In the 1940's, nylon (the material which was predominately used to make hosiery at the time) became a scarce commodity, as it was needed to create uniforms for the US army during the war. As such, stockings became very exclusive and hard to find. In fact, some women used cosmetics to draw lines along the back of their legs, to appear like one of the selected few who wore back seam hosiery.

1940's: Women drawing on back of legs

1940's: Women drawing on back of legs

Drawing lines to look like back seam stockings

Today, technology for making hosiery has vastly improved, and it is no longer necessary for stockings to have a seam. However, this fashion accessory remains a classic that is still very much revered. For many women, the allure for back seam stockings is that they allow a woman to look conservative from the front, yet undeniably sexy from the back.

So, what do you wear with back seam stockings? Due to its retro style, I recommend wearing ALBA Back Seam to work and parties. And given its vintage appeal, I would match it with a pencil skirt, silk blouse and blazer. In fact, I would take the look up a notch, by putting on a fascinator for special occasions (for example: bridal shower, birthday party, Kentucky Derby party).

1940's inspired outfit and ALBA thigh highs1940's inspired outfit and ALBA thigh highsAnd what type of shoes do you wear with back seam stockings, you ask? My go-to is a pair of closed toe stilettos. There is nothing better than a pair of patented leather pumps to complete this inspired look.Closed toe shoesWhat about you? What occasions have you worn back seam hosiery for? Learn more about this fabulous accessory in our upcoming blog post. Or better yet, give VienneMilano's ALBA Back Seam thigh highs a try, and step fabulously back in time.

Image source: Time LIFE

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