Introducing: GIADA Art Deco Thigh Highs

Introducing: GIADA Art Deco Thigh Highs

Hello, I'm Vienne (Founder of VienneMilano). Today I’m here to introduce one of my favorite designs from our Signature Collection: GIADA Art Deco Thigh Highs. Inspired by the iconic styles and fashion of the roaring twenties (1920's), GIADA features a geometric chevron pattern reminiscent of Art Deco. But the reason why I love to wear this pair of stockings is because they really can make your outfit “pop”.

Sweater dresses and GIADA thigh highs

Winter here in Boston is a nightmare - cold, mucky, and gloomy - but not necessarily a fashion nightmare! To combat the weather, I like to wear sweater dresses. I find that sweater dresses are the best at keeping me warm and comfortable all winter. However, on their own, sweater dresses can never satisfy my style. That's where GIADA comes in handy (or leggy - if that were a real term, get it?). GIADA is a fantastic way to complete my sweater dress ensemble effortlessly. Not only that, GIADA can upgrade your outfit even if you are wearing skirts or pants. In fact, I wore GIADA underneath my jeans last week to dinner as it was below 20 degrees Fahrenheit in Boston.

Jeans and GIADA thigh highs

Let’s face it, wearing dresses can get… Cold. So, no one will blame you if you decide to trade your best dresses for pants every so often (or even everyday). However, even with the full leg coverage you can still be very cold, especially in jeans. Let me offer you a winter fashion tip! Wear GIADA underneath them (or any other pairs of thigh highs, but I highly recommend GIADA). Since GIADA is 180 denier (which is very thick for stockings), this pair of vintage style stockings will help keep your legs nice and toasty. We are always wearing multiple layers on our upper body, why not on our legs too?

Stockings comparisons by denier

(Notice how GIADA is thicker than the other pairs of stockings?)

What else can I do with GIADA, you may ask?

I wear GIADA in the office, on the weekends, and I definitely recommend wearing GIADA to parties... since GIADA is made with Lurex (which is a type of metallic thread), GIADA is designed to let your legs shimmer without going overboard. Wear GIADA with boots, stilettos, flats, this pair of stockings complements all. Give it try! Feel and be fabulous with GIADA.


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