Are Pantyhose Still in Style?

Are Pantyhose Still in Style?

The jury is in: Pantyhose is awful. And according to the New York Times, the usage of pantyhose has been on a decline since the mid-90's. However, before you cast all stockings away, there's one thing to understand: not all hosiery are created equal.

While most people group stockings, nylons, hosiery and pantyhose all together - the reality is: they are not the same. Pantyhose are (for the most part) sheer, nude in color, and covers the wearer's body from waist to toes. Pantyhose are often referred to as nylons because nylon had been the primary material that was used to create pantyhose for a very long time. Today, other wonderful materials such as silk and lycra have replaced nylon. What's more important is that other fabulous accessories have come into play. In particular, thigh highs have come to replace pantyhose.

So, why are thigh highs better than pantyhose? To start, when you are running the show, you can't get caught running behind. Which is exactly the kind of fallback you face when wearing pantyhose. In addition to the differences in quality, there are at least a few more obvious advantages to wearing elegant thigh highs instead of pantyhose.

Riding and Slipping

Pantyhose do one of two things. The elastic waistbands either move up, becoming increasingly uncomfortable the higher they ride, or they slip down and lead to unsightly sagging. VienneMilano thigh highs have comfortable silicone bands to keep them in place.

ISABELLA nude thigh highs
ISABELLA nude thigh highs

Ladies' Room Convenience

Whatever your day involves, it will inescapably include a break to "powder" your "nose." Whether a boardroom is awaiting your spectacular presentation or a bridal party can't go on without you, you have to get in and out of the restroom in a hurry. With pantyhose, you have to struggle to get the restricting girdle-like waistband back in place, risking a tucked skirt. You do not have to remove or readjust luxury thigh highs, minimizing both time and frustration in the ladies' room.

Leave The Frumpy Diaper Behind!

With all the tucking and awkward maneuvering involved with wearing pantyhose, not only is it unflattering to your backside's appearance, but it can feel like you are wearing a diaper. High-quality thigh highs smooth your legs and leave your posterior unhindered.

So…Say goodbye to pantyhose! Here's one on how to break things off:

Dear Pantyhose,

I've found someone better. It is time for me to finally tell you that we're through. I am walking away in something new and better. If you don't know why, here are the reasons why I'm leaving you:

  1. You are uncomfortable. My legs just don't fit into you. You squeeze my toes and never seem to fit right around my waist. My legs feel squished like sardines when really I should be flaunting the beauty God gave me. I should feel comfortable and sassy when I go out.

  2. You are unflattering. When I sit, the way you bunch up around my waist looks horrible, not to mention how you leave my skin red around the waist. And when I stand, you flatten all my beautiful curves. I am trying to look my best, but you are not helping.

  3. You make the simplest things difficult. Whenever I need to pull you up, it becomes a quest to get situated again. When I am out trying to dance, you slide around and feel awkward. We are not on the same wavelength when it comes to being up or down.

  4. You try to embarrass me. When I go to the bathroom, my dress can get caught in your waistband. It pains me even to remember the embarrassment that followed that terrifying incident. I wear you in order to look sophisticated, and you let me down.

So, I've found someone better, someone who treats me right. She is comfortable, sexy, sassy and wonderful for all occasions. She has all the beauty for dressing up my legs, but none of the hassle. Her name is thigh highs.

We've had our fun, but this is the end. Good bye.

An Ex-Pantyhose Wearer

ISABELLA chestnut thigh highs

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