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  • Pantyhose and Tights: A History of Hosiery

    Pantyhose and Tights: A History of Hosiery

    The very beginnings of hosiery has a royally long history. Just as culture and popular fashion has evolved over the decades, so too has hosiery. Learn more...Read More

    07/17/2017 Home, Tutorials 0 398
  • Skirting Your Thigh Highs

    Skirting Your Thigh Highs

    When you choose to wear a skirt, you are deciding to create an outfit, an ensemble full of fashionable possibilities. With a dress, you have just one piece of clothing to worry about, but skirts are a different story. Read More

    07/31/2017 Home, Style Guide 0 205
  • Save Your Snagged Tights

    Save Your Snagged Tights

    At VienneMilano, we believe in helping women feel and be fabulous with luxury hosiery. Therefore, we understand that even the smallest snag can ruin even the most put-together ensemble.Read More

    07/28/2017 Home, Tutorials 0 232
  • Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

    Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

    Your wedding day is fast approaching and suddenly you have a million and one thoughts on your mind. Being the bride can be stressful, but while you're running around making sure everything goes smoothly, don't forget that you have a fabulous team by your side: your bridesmaids.Read More

    07/21/2017 Home, Style Guide 0 203
  • How to Style Your Brown Thigh Highs

    How to Style Your Brown Thigh Highs

    "I am thinking about purchasing ANDREA Brown stockings, but am not sure what to wear them with. I have worn black stockings for years because they seem so versatile, but I'd like to switch things up! Do you have any suggestions on what to wear with brown hosiery?"Read More

    07/24/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 188
  • We Love You Part VI

    We Love You Part VI

    It's time for WE LOVE YOU Part VI. Check out this month’s batch of amazing women who continue to revealed their confidence and style in VienneMilano thigh high hosiery.Read More

    07/17/2017 Home, Our Fans 0 205
  • Hosiery Class and Elegance

    Hosiery Class and Elegance

    Here at VienneMilano, we try to maintain a sense of elegance and class in everything that we do and promote, and of course, in our products themselves.Read More

    07/14/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 177
  • Write for Us!

    Write for Us!

    VienneMilano, the first Italian luxury hosiery brand, would like you to write for us! We’re looking for fabulous bloggers with an even more fabulous sense of style to provide anywhere between 2-4 posts over a 3-month period.Read More

    07/10/2017 Home, Jobs, Our Fans 0 184
  • 10 Men Who Love Thigh Highs

    10 Men Who Love Thigh Highs

    Here at VienneMilano, many women come to us asking: How do men really feel about lingerie? And in particular, do men like women in stockings? Lucky for you, we have a few insights from some of our male customers for you.Read More

    07/07/2017 Home, Our Fans 0 502
  • Introducing ISABELLA Sheer Thigh Highs

    Introducing ISABELLA Sheer Thigh Highs

    Coco Chanel once said: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” We believe that ISABELLA adds the finishing touches to any outfit thus allowing a woman to dress impeccably.Read More

    07/03/2017 Home, New Arrivals, Style Guide 0 173

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