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  • A Thigh High Hosiery Infographic

    A Thigh High Hosiery Infographic

    VienneMilano's specialization in high quality thigh high hosiery is something that we pride ourselves on immensely, but we also recognize that what we specialize in may still be a bit of a mystery to some.Read More

    06/25/2017 Home, Tutorials 0 27
  • 7 Thigh High Myths: Busted

    7 Thigh High Myths: Busted

    Over the years, there have been quite a few assumptions made about "thigh highs," many of them being false. I've found that people either aren't familiar with the term or just have some misguided perceptions of our fabulous fashion accessory. At any rate, I would like to try and set things straight. Here are 7 common myths about thigh highs: debunked...Read More

    06/23/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 30
  • Thigh Highs for Fun-Sized Girls

    Thigh Highs for Fun-Sized Girls

    Hello readers! My name is Erica, and I am 5ft 2in tall. I can happily say that I don’t mind my height, but I’m afraid I can’t happily say that it doesn’t come with its share of #shortgirlproblems when it comes to shopping or getting dressed for the day.Read More

    06/16/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 91
  • Summer Thigh High Styles

    Summer Thigh High Styles

    Just because it is warm outside does not mean that you must say goodbye to your beloved thigh highs this season. Believe it or not, hosiery can be a great summertime accessory, you just have to know what to look for in the perfect summer style, and where to flaunt your look.Read More

    06/19/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 18
  • Tall Girl Tight Troubles

    Tall Girl Tight Troubles

    Dear reader, my name is Kate and I am 6ft tall. While I love my height, I can't deny that there are certainly some #tallgirlproblems that I face daily, especially when it comes to clothes and fashion.Read More

    06/12/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 68
  • Fishnets Under Ripped Jeans

    Fishnets Under Ripped Jeans

    This trend has definitely caught on among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Adding a layer of lace under ripped jeans brings an edgy, daring vibe to any look. Read More

    06/30/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 22
  • Getting Stains out of Stockings

    Getting Stains out of Stockings

    Emergency care is just as essential for your hosiery as it is for your other garments. In the case of an unexpected and unwanted stain on your favorite hosiery, don't panic!Read More

    06/09/2017 Home, Tutorials 0 107
  • We Love You Part V

    We Love You Part V

    Welcome back to WE LOVE YOU Part V. This month we are featuring more of the fabulous women who revealed their confidence and style in VienneMilano thigh highs.Read More

    06/02/2017 Home, Our Fans 0 13
  • Introducing: CLAUDIA Matte Black

    Introducing: CLAUDIA Matte Black

    CLAUDIA Black is a must-have in every wardrobe. Period. With a 50-denier appearance and a super soft finish, these thigh highs will underpin your look with luxe.Read More

    06/05/2017 Home, New Arrivals, Style Guide 0 6

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