A Thigh High Hosiery Infographic

A Thigh High Hosiery Infographic

VienneMilano’s specialization in high quality thigh high hosiery is something that we pride ourselves on immensely, but we also recognize that what we specialize in may still be a bit of a mystery to some. If you’re still wondering what thigh highs are, see our helpful infographic below.

VienneMilano Thigh High Stocking Infographic

What Are Thigh Highs?

Thigh highs are hosiery that only come up to the thigh, and are held in place by a sturdy silicone band which eliminates the need for a garter belt. Your legs will feel totally free! They are also called stay ups and hold ups.

Why Should I Wear Thigh Highs?

There are three key reasons to choose thigh highs over pantyhose:

  • No gusset (middle area of pantyhose) means more freedom
  • No circulation-cutting waistband means extra comfort
  • Thigh highs leave your curves free underneath pants, dresses, or skirts for an extra boost of sensuality

When Can I Wear Thigh Highs?

Whether you’re dressing for the office, an event, or just for the weekend, thigh highs can add a unique flair to any outfit, especially in the bedroom! Check out this link for a guide to sexy lingerie and how to select thigh highs.

What About Quality?

Italian hosiery that is made from materials such as silicone, lycra, silk, and cashmere have proven themselves superior to elastics and nylon in everything from comfort to the ability to stay up all day. Especially consider durability — runs will happen, and while you may only be spending only $5 per pair for certain hosiery to save money in the short term, you'll likely be spending $5 more again and again for that same pair over the course of one year. Higher quality hosiery may run you up to $30 or more, but that could be a year's investment. Basically, you might spend up to only $30 on high quality hosiery for one year, while cheaper quality hosiery could run you upwards of $180 for one year.

How Do I Wear Thigh Highs?

There are three easy steps to putting on your thigh highs:

  • Sit down in your chair
  • Roll your thigh high all the way to the toe
  • Slip your thigh high onto your foot and roll your thigh high up your leg to the middle of your thigh

Your thigh highs should sit one inch away from your inseam. If you end up with a “muffin top” on your thigh, then your thigh highs are too high and should be lowered. If your thigh highs appear crumpled, then they aren’t high enough. Always remember that thigh highs aren’t knee highs!

Also keep in mind, if you are wearing a pencil skirt or tight clothing, it may be best to put on your thigh highs first, before getting dressed for the day.

We hope that this infographic has been helpful in furthering your understanding of our product and how it can help you stay fabulous for every occasion. Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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