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Thigh highs are very versatile and can complement many outfits. Find outfit ideas for the work environment, for social events, for your free time in the evenings and weekend, and... for your romantic indulgences. Let us know what you think of our outfits:

  • Definition of denier

    Definition of denier

    Denier is the unit of measure for the thickness of hosiery fiber. The higher the number of deniers, the thicker a pair of stockings is. At VienneMilano, we divide our thigh high stockings into three categories of deniers: 10-20, 21-50, 50+.Read More

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  • Can I Show the Band?

    Can I Show the Band?

    Dear VienneMilano, I just started wearing thigh highs, and I can't help wondering: am I supposed to reveal the band? Is it ever appropriate to flash the band?Read More

    08/21/2017 Home, Style Guide, Our Fans 0 31
  • Introducing: Ottavia Lace Thigh Highs

    Introducing: Ottavia Lace Thigh Highs

    An introduction to the epitome of luxury: OTTAVIA lace thigh highs. Read on for details and styling tips for these fabulous stockings.Read More

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  • Playing With Patterns

    Playing With Patterns

    Patterns, when paired with the right outfit, can be the perfect garnish for a monochromatic ensemble or even a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Learn more about how you can pair patterned stockings with any outfit.Read More

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  • Skirting Your Thigh Highs

    Skirting Your Thigh Highs

    When you choose to wear a skirt, you are deciding to create an outfit, an ensemble full of fashionable possibilities. With a dress, you have just one piece of clothing to worry about, but skirts are a different story. Read More

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  • Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

    Thigh Highs are for Bridesmaids Too

    Your wedding day is fast approaching and suddenly you have a million and one thoughts on your mind. Being the bride can be stressful, but while you're running around making sure everything goes smoothly, don't forget that you have a fabulous team by your side: your bridesmaids.Read More

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  • Top 6 Wedding Tips

    Top 6 Wedding Tips

    Every bride’s Big Day is already full of excitement, topped off with the finishing touches you've chosen to look amazing for your wedding. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it's only natural that you'd want every detail to be absolutely picture perfect.Read More

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  • How to Style Your Brown Thigh Highs

    How to Style Your Brown Thigh Highs

    "I am thinking about purchasing ANDREA Brown stockings, but am not sure what to wear them with. I have worn black stockings for years because they seem so versatile, but I'd like to switch things up! Do you have any suggestions on what to wear with brown hosiery?"Read More

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  • Hosiery Class and Elegance

    Hosiery Class and Elegance

    Here at VienneMilano, we try to maintain a sense of elegance and class in everything that we do and promote, and of course, in our products themselves.Read More

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  • 7 Thigh High Myths: Busted

    7 Thigh High Myths: Busted

    Over the years, there have been quite a few assumptions made about "thigh highs," many of them being false. I've found that people either aren't familiar with the term or just have some misguided perceptions of our fabulous fashion accessory. At any rate, I would like to try and set things straight. Here are 7 common myths about thigh highs: debunked...Read More

    06/23/2017 Home, Tutorials, Style Guide 0 66

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