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Introducing: ALESSIA Striped Thigh Highs

Introducing one of our most coveted designs from our Signature Collection: ALESSIA striped fishnet thigh highs.

How To Wear Colorful Stockings

Adding a pop of color to an outfit is a wonderful way to express yourself and make a statement. Don't let another...

Do thigh highs stay up?

With VienneMilano thigh highs, you will never be asking the question, do thigh highs stay up?

Introducing VANNA Colorful Stockings

This season, we dare our customers to be bold (and beautiful) with earth tone hues. Inspired by the natural beauty of...

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Welcome to the Fabulous World of Luxury Hosiery!

Discover the new and our fabulous collections. All of our stockings are made in Italy.

What Are the Differences Between Stay Ups, Hold Ups, and Thigh Highs?

With so many terms and different styles in the hosiery industry, it is understandable to be a little confused about...

Intern: Fashion Marketing & Events

Are you addicted to fashion? Do you spend more on heels than on rent and food? Would you like, someday, to launch...

Can I Wear Stockings with Open-toe Shoes?

We at VienneMilano are often asked: Can you wear stockings with open-toe shoes (also known as peep-toe shoes)? And...

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